Shareholder Proposals

The proposals regarding network neutrality on wireless networks are available on this website or can be downloaded as PDF files.

Read the AT&T proposal here or download the PDF here.

Read the Verizon Communications Inc. proposal here or download the PDF here.

Read the Sprint Nextel Corporation proposal here or download the PDF here.

The 2012 proposals were the subject of so-called “no-action” requests to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) by the three companies, each of which sought to block shareholders from voting on the proposals by arguing, among other things, that network neutrality was not a “significant public policy issue.”

The SEC staff rejected that argument in view of what it called “the sustained public debate over the last several years concerning net neutrality and the Internet and the increasing recognition that the issue raises significant policy considerations.”

The record of arguments by the companies and shareholders to the staff of the SEC regarding the 2012 proposals can be found at these locations on the SEC web site:

AT&T Inc.

Verizon Communications Inc.

Sprint Nextel Corporation

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